We provide calm, peaceful end of life services. 
We know how hard it is to lose a pet. All our veterinarians have been through it many times with their own pets. We take these experiences to heart and know that the service we provide is a blessing.  Many people comment "this must be hard for you". While each and every passing is difficult, we also take peace in knowing that it marks the end of an animal's suffering. 
Our veterinarian will arrive at your home explain what to expect during the procedure.  They will answer any questions that you have at this time. A consent form is signed, giving permission to perform the euthanasia.
A sedative injection is given underneath your pet's skin. This generally does not hurt and feels much like a vaccine to your pet. This injection causes sedation within 5-15 minutes and your pet will be in a peaceful state. At this time a second injection is administered intravenously. This injection is an overdose of an anesthesia and your pet will gently go to sleep within a matter of minutes. Our veterinarian will inform you when your pet's heart has stopped beating and he or she has passed on. 

8 am- 8 pm 7 days a week

After hours services available

CONTACT US: (708) 320-8873

Our veterinarians have many years of experience providing medical services to pets within the greater Chicago area. These dedicated professionals believe the end of a beloved pets life deserves to be as peaceful and serene as possible. We feel this is best accomplished at the home, without the stress and trauma of traveling to a veterinarians office. If you agree with our philosophy on end of life care, please contact us. Whether you want to schedule a time or simply talk, we are here for you. 



The average cost of a euthanasia is between $350 to $600 depending on services requested by the owner. Individual cremation, return of ashes and clay paw prints will increase the cost of services

"It is the most unselfish act in all of life to let one go that we have found beloved"- Kate McGahan

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